And from where does true health arise?

Can it be obtained by taking the right pills?

No. True health begins with nourishing your body with the foods that lead to long-term health, the foods that were placed here for us.  True health requires regular movement- exercise.  True health requires adequate, regular sleep.  True health requires freedom from chemical and mechanical injury.  True health requires emotional and spiritual renewal.  True requires a healthy planet, clean water, clean air, and a healthy future.

The human body has a remarkable ability to adapt to a vast array of different foods and circumstances.

This adaptability leads to short term survival, but carried over years and decades, patterns of damage emerge, and the error of our ways become evident.

And though modern science has invented many drugs that may somewhat mitigate the damage caused by the wrong diet, they do not create a state off health- they only decrease the short-term damage.

True health also depends on maintaining your physical strength and agility.  Physical inactivity leads to rapid deterioration.

To hold onto health, one must develop habits of physical activity as an intentional component of daily life. One may work at a kind of employment that necessitates strenuous physical labor, and it is easy to assume that this is sufficient to maintain health.

But such labor may not result in balanced physical health.  The impact of that work must also be examined to make sure that it is not inflicting damage on one part of the body or neglecting and weakening another.  It must be moderated by activities that integrate physical activity into the longer-term patterns of one’s life.

Likewise, the labor of one’s employment may end abruptly at any given point in life, and if there is not a consistent, long-term strand of deliberate physical activity running through that life, physical deterioration may rapidly ensue.

True health requires that we limit the destructive forces we inflict upon our physical hosts.

Chronic poisoning, whether inhaled, consumed by mouth or applied to the skin cannot be overcome by diet, exercise or medicines.

It is true that the right diet, the right lifestyle can mitigate some of the damage caused by excess consumption of toxins, but ultimately the poisons will win.

True health also requires exercising the mind, and the senses.  A healthy body is more likely to contain a healthy mind, but neither guarantees the other.