One must learn to regularly ask “Are my actions truly in accordance with my beliefs?” And be unafraid of the answers.

But deeper truths will be obtained through the voices of the plants.

The medicines contained in sacred plants may strip away the false truths that we have learned from our families and society and reveal stark truths about our correct place among the species of the earth.

The sacred plant medicines reveal the misguided arrogance that so many humans have displayed with regard to the natural world, other living species, and even other human groups.

These plants are the sacraments of our faith and the conduit to greater wisdom and health.

They are a vital key to healing our bodies and our home, the earth.

They would change the course of the modern world if they were valued and consumed more widely.

They are to givers of truth.

They are the mushrooms, the cacti, the jungle vines, the leafy plants- those which illuminate the dark corners of the mind, and reveal the beauty of the eternal, natural world.

These things are not mere amusements but must be seen as tools to connect us to one another and to the entire living world.

This is not to say that they cannot be amusing, because lightness of heart is an essential part of life.

But we consult them to promote healing and to dispel pain.

They may clarify the path when we cannot see it.

They may reveal the true circumstances of our lives and allow us to make peace with that which we cannot change.