A majority of our mental processes is in fact hidden from our direct view most of the time.

Our unconscious mind is filled with vast amounts of information gained from all of the experiences of our lifetime, beginning long before we have any conscious recollection of life.

Much of our view of the world is inherited unwittingly from the family, home, society and culture into which we were born.

As a consequence of this is we are eternally wrestling to reconcile our conscious thought processes and the practical physical realities of life with the drives, emotions, and perspectives that we have internalized from experience, culture and remembered and unremembered events.

We are constantly trying to make our actions and emotions conform to the view of the world that we have synthesized from our unconscious minds and our conscious lives.

At times our conscious decisions are in conflict with deeper emotional instincts.

At times our unconscious emotions and drives are at odds with our conscious beliefs regarding right and wrong.

The pursuit of true happiness may necessitate temporarily suppressing the complex mental, emotional and behavioral constructs that we have developed in order to live in the physical world.

The medicines can reveal the influence that remembered and unremembered events are having on our lives and emotions.

The medicine can strip away social and intellectual constructs that we have unwittingly internalized from the world we live in, to reveal deeper truths.